Fishing Koh Tao

December 2013 fishing report

Lots of marlin and sailfish in the bay and at the pinnacles but it has proven difficult to get them to bite. Trolling has been very poor, the only bites have come from live baits fished with the anchor down. This can and should change at any time, we usually do very well trolling surface lures. To pass the time waiting for billfish to bite we have been sending livebaits to the bottom with mixed results. Some snappers, groupers, cobia, queenfish and occasionally some trevally. Yesterday Magnus from Denmark did a great job on these two lovely gold-spot trevally. 7kg and 5.5kg at sandbanks.

sorry, cant post pics, getting error. will get them up soon as possible.

summer fishing

Summer is well and truly upon us. Early starts help us to beat the heat, and hopfully enjoy a decent early morning bite. Most fishing this season is at the pinnacles or fads. Standard day is a mix of trolling and livebaiting, approx 4 hours of each.

Pls contact me directly for more info or to schedule a booking. 6am-2pm max 2 persons.


email me directly for bookings and more info

Sailfish and marlin biting inshore and offshore. Sailfish season has been a bit dissapointing so far but should improve as the NE monsoon strengthens. Mackerel still biting at Chumpon pinnacle but is winding down now.

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Autumn fishing

Sailfish starting to show up, mainly inshore. Most days still fishing offshore at the pinnacles with a quick try at an inshore mark on the way back. Mackerel bit has been a bit slow so far this month, lots of fish around but not feeding so well. Mahi are averaging 2-3 kg so good fun on light tackle although they have been biting far offshore so we need good weather to get out there.

Here is 2 pics sent by Dorian who came to fish in June. Mackerel and a mahi.



Please contact me directly for any booking or info.

email troubles

Very sorry if you did not get a reply from me in the last couple of weeks, the contact us page was not sending emails to me. For now please email me directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to be doubly sure send a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fishing has been good We had a nice marlin a few days ago and will post pics when I get them. Mackerel biting very well at SW pinnacle although windy weather and very strong currents have made it difficult to fish some days. Usually we can judge the wind using the forecasts and choose to go another day.


added to Tripadvisor

We are now listed on tripadvisor. Pls feel free to post any photos of trips made together, and any reviews would be welcome. On tripadvisor we are called "game fishing koh tao" because the real name was not allowed.

Edited to add that I note Tripadvisor is putting reviews for other fishing companies on my listing. I only do private charters. Leaving at dawn and trip lasts 8 hours. No shared tours, no taxi pickups. no 9 o'clock starts. no 1,650B prices. Never have done, never will do. The reviews for other companies make amusing reading but pls be aware I operate alone and have no affiliation at all to other companies on Koh Tao. There are many fishing companies here. is only 1 of them.


fishing update

Many apologies again for no updates in such a long time.


So, fishing has been very good. There was no NE monsoon this year so water is still very clear. Mackerel still biting offshore and a few sailfish and small marlin too. Billfish have been a bit dissapoining this season. Smaller size than usual and less of them. I can't ever remember catching mackerel in early december before so thats a bonus. Lots of small tuna around now so trolling has been fun. Most days fishing 7-10 miles offshore. Today, fishing with Atte from Finland we came across a big school of queenfish. Landed 19 and lost a fair few too.


Pls email me with any q's or to arrange booking.

what a month!

With all the negative press concerning dwindling fish stocks, 90% of big fish are gone etc etc it comes as a surprise to report that June/July so far this year have been the best mackerel fishing in the 15 years that I have fished for them here. Many days we can get 10 nice fish in a morning and they have been biting at all the usual sites, even close inshore at sandbanks and shark island. Small mahi have been the plan B, but they have been nervous recently. Weather has been poor for the last few days but forcast good for 34th and after. Pls contact me directly for info and bookings.